Great Oak Village

Great Oak Village, located off Holly Tree Lane near Adkins Store in Charles City County, Va., is being planned as a mixed income residential community for families of all sizes, ages, and abilities. The design and marketing of Great Oak Village is directed towards persons and families with an interest in Charles City County.

  • Section One will anchor the development with two “built-to-suit” single-family homes for sale on one-acre lots.
  • Section Two will add up to 12 rental units. Plans are for these to be “universal” designed two-bedroom duplex units aimed at attracting individuals, elders, and small families.
  • Section Three will depend on acceptance by Charles City County of a later request for rezoning to “R1” and major subdivision for Great Oak Village. Section Three will complete the community with up to 10 additional single-family homes for sale on roughly ½ acre lots.

Roads and utilities will be phased and built as required
and funds allow. We will start with gravel drives and some overhead utilities and by the time we get to Section Three, the streets will be paved and all utilities underground.
Water for Great Oak Village will be supplied through a series of private, community wells serving fewer than 25 persons per well. Likewise, wastewater treatment will be provided by a private community system including tanks and pumps at each house with a common treatment system and drainfield in the field on the southwest
corner of the property. Click HERE to see a large view of the
Great Oak Village Site Plan


God’s ways are different from our ways and, with His guidance, we continue to push forward with a less than clear financial picture of how this all works out. We will use a “pay as we go” system such that we can pause at any point of the development in response to market and financial pressures at that time.

We will use donated services and materials, volunteer labor, and construction exclusively by CrossGap Ministries as the method of construction of Great Oak Village. All “profit” will be used for the next phase of development and for rental and home buyer assistance. While no agreements exist today, loan, grant, tax credit, and other government assistance programs will be considered. However, since these are likely to introduce complex restrictions and requirements, they will only be considered after other resources are exhausted.

Our strategy is to depend on God and our community to make this a mixed income residential community for families of all sizes, ages, and abilities.

Ideally, the sales of the single-family homes in Section Three could soon and be used to finance construction of the rental units in Section Two. Construction of Section Three however, requires County approval of a change in zoning. We plan to apply for this zoning change as soon as Section One construction begins.

Also, since Section Two is currently allowed by County Ordinance we plan to move ahead as soon as financing can be arranged. Revenue from Section Three will help finance Section Two when it becomes available.

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